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The Prodigal Parents Movie

THE PRODIGAL PARENTS MOVIE Synopsis A retired couple living with their children, decided that they have had enough of same old routine: sitting around, babysitting and cleaning up after their children and grandchildren. “There is more to life than this”, they thought. They reminisced on the good old days, when they could just jump up and go wherever and whenever they wanted- without questions. One day, they had a brilliant idea to sell everything they had and disappear without telling anyone. Their son Michael suspecting something is up with his parents, hires a Private Investigator. What he discovers left him speechless. Starring Gaston Mitchell, Ashlee Parris and Lee Darnell Featuring Euphe and Gaston Mitchell as ‘The Prodigal...

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The Prodigal Parent

The virtual premiere of our 20min COMEDY short film “The Prodigal Parents”- yes starring our parents. A story by our very own Euphe Mitchell. This is what happens when you are stuck at home with your family. They come up with crazy ideas and what the heck- get the camera and press record! Hope you can join online to cheer these folks on. They’ve done a great job! The event will be live on OCT 31 and 01Nov – link will be posted to view the film and a Q&A thereafter. Film duration: 20minsGive it up for mom and...

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