The virtual premiere of our 20min COMEDY short film “The Prodigal Parents”- yes starring our parents. A story by our very own Euphe Mitchell. This is what happens when you are stuck at home with your family. They come up with crazy ideas and what the heck- get the camera and press record! Hope you can join online to cheer these folks on. They’ve done a great job! The event will be live on OCT 31 and 01Nov – link will be posted to view the film and a Q&A thereafter. Film duration: 20minsGive it up for mom and pops- The Prodigal ParentsSynopsis:
A retired couple had a brilliant idea to sell everything they had and disappear without telling anyone. When their son becomes suspicious, he hires a PI to investigate. What he discovers, leaves him speechless staring: Euphe and Gaston Mitchell, Shane Mitchell, Ashlee Parris, Elliana Proctor, Jayson Davis, Ghianna Mitchell, and Lee Darnell.Music Composer- Michael D. Jones Sr